"The Russian Sleep Experiment" | IReadCreepyPastas
My favorite one, so, of course, my first upload. Original story: http://creepypasta.wik...
published: 01 Oct 2013
Ukraine to pay upfront for Russian gas after $4bn debt deadline passes
There will be no more delays for Ukraine to start paying for gas it gets from Russia, gas ...
published: 16 Jun 2014
Pipe Dream: No quick energy-fix if EU plugs Russian gas pipelines
America and the EU's top diplomats met today to brainstorm over how to break Europe's depe...
published: 02 Apr 2014
Meanwhile at a Russian Gas Station
Seems like a logical solution, right? Right? Meanwhile in Russia. Join Us On Facebook http...
published: 03 Feb 2014
Truck Full of Gas Cylinders Explodes in Russia - Lots of gas cylinders explode on highway
A truck loaded with gas cylinders catches fire and multiple gas canisters explode. Filmed ...
published: 21 Aug 2013
In this game Russian gas beats your paper!
Watch the full Keiser Report episode on Saturday! In this episode of the Keiser Report, M...
published: 11 Apr 2014
GP-5 Russian Gas Mask (Civilian) | Gear Review
A fun and cool novelty item. 7.5/10 Nothing too special, for real protecting I'd recommend...
published: 12 Jul 2013
author: TheYankeeGI
'South Stream a big step forward to secure Russian gas supply to EU'
Russia and Austria have agreed on a joint company to construct the Austrian arm of the $45...
published: 25 Jun 2014
Russian Truck Gas Explosion - Балоны с Газом ДТП [HD]
A Russian truck carrying gas canisters crashed on a highway. The crash ignited 36 tanks, w...
published: 29 Jul 2013
Russian Gas Cylinder Truck Crashes And Explodes
Pretty self-explanatory....
published: 15 Jul 2013
Russian Gas Station Attendant Break Dancing On A Car
published: 22 Oct 2013
Russian Gas Mask Filter Dissection
This is a Russian gas mask filter. We wanted to find out what is inside. Cue the comedy! J...
published: 19 Mar 2011
author: NewAgeServer
Meanwhile At The Russian Gas Station
By the way, it's a safest way to travel in Russia. Meanwhile in Russia. Join Us On Facebo...
published: 18 Feb 2013
Russia Halts Gas Supply To Ukraine
Russia Halts Gas Supply To Ukraine Gazprom has reaffirmed its Monday deadline for Ukraine...
published: 16 Jun 2014
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Natural Gas-Powered Car Explodes on Russian Highway
Natural Gas-Powered Car Explodes on Russian Highway (Video) Featured, OMG — By Dave on 201...
published: 27 Apr 2014
Ukraine promised not to steal Russian gas from Europe
Ukraine promises not to steal the European gas. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk assured the inter...
published: 23 Jun 2014
Russian Breakdancing Gas Station Attendant
BEST VIRAL VIDEOS: http://www.hiviral.com...
published: 01 Feb 2014
Russia-China gas deal may influence U.S. strategy on Ukraine
China and Russia struck a $400 billion gas deal amid mounting tension between the United S...
published: 23 May 2014